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San Francisco

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Shade #1: The stately common room in the San Francisco YWCA required Grace Richey Clarke shades in the 10’ tall arched and operable windows. The shades diffuse the direct sunlight and preserve the downtown views.

Shade #2: The Grace Richey Clarke shades add warmth and privacy to this “urban carriage house.” The shades assist to maintain the balance between traditional and modern design elements.

Shade #3: The Grace Richey Clarke and fabric roman shades beautifully complement each other in this dual treatment design. The inside mounted Grace Richey Clarke shades provide privacy and diffuse the light while the fabric roman shades can be lowered for total light control in the bedroom.

Shade #4: The Grace Richey Clarke shade is flanked by line curtains. The Grace Richey Clarke shades diffuse the light and the curtains can be drawn to completely darken the bedroom.

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