The GRC Difference

We are often asked by new customers, why is GRC a better product?
We have highlighted a few differentiators below:

Finished Edge

Each shade is hand-woven precisely to the width of the window.  The fiber is carefully hand looped by an experienced weaver at the end of each throw.   This process is significantly more time consuming than taking a big chunk of “finished material” and chopping it up into individual shades.  The final product reflects the extra energy, time and artisan craftsmanship.  The end product is more elegant, durable and customized.  The edges are less likely to fray, separate and wear than other shades in the marketplace.

Warp spacing customized for every shade

We reset our looms for each shade produced. This leads to even spacing between the vertical thread and a hand tailored finished look.

Fabric lining on the bottom bar

Each weight bar is placed in a cloth sheath prior to being sewn in the shade. This allows for additional weight at the bottom of the shade that is completely hidden from view.

Top quality component parts

Grace Richey Clarke would never think of hand weaving a beautiful shade and then finish the shade with less than top-grade materials:

  1. We use top-grade domestically sourced Poplar in our headrails.
  2. Top-of-the-line domestically sourced thread.
  3. Metal pulley systems.
  4. Industry best component parts for our clutch systems.
  5. Domestically sourced steel.

View option and mechanization

Made in the USA

We are proud that after more than half a century of hand weaving, our products remain exclusively designed and produced in the USA.


Grace Richey Clarke provides customers a product specifically tailored to both their taste and the environment. Not only do we provide many customization options, we have both the expertise and the patience to assist our clients achieve their design goals. Some of the unique design differentiators include:

  1. Custom warp options
  2. Custom color options
  3. Active communication with installers, workrooms and designers
  4. The ability to manufacture arched shades, fixed shades, curved shades, Top Down Bottom Up shades
  5. Motorization