Grace Richey Clarke History

Grace Richey Clarke traces its beginnings to McAllen Texas shortly after The Second World War. There, Mrs. Jessie Clarke Daniels and her husband, J.M., opened a hand weaving company and began experimenting with woven window coverings. Quickly, they became masters of the craft incorporating the highest quality artisan weaving with the latest in stylistic trends. In the years that followed, Grace Richey Clarke grew into one of the country’s premier designers and producers of high end woven window treatments. By the the 1960’s, Grace Richey Clarke was prominently displayed in many Design Magazines and high-end homes nationwide. In the late 1980’s Grace Richey Clarke relocated to its current home in Lafayette, Indiana.

Though styles have changed over the decades, our shades continue to utilize many of the weaving techniques Jessie Clarke Daniels mastered decades before. We are extremely proud of our heritage. Many of our employees are third generation hand weavers, representing some of the last of their trade in the United States. We are proud to provide the interior design world with a beautiful product that is truly an American art form.